Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo is located just outside of the town but on a regular bus route which has two, three or four services per hour depending on the time of day.  One can visit with the Salzburg Card and given that it is in the vicinity of the Untersberg mountain cable car and Hellbrunn palace with its trick fountains, then one can visit all three on the same day although that will be a rather packed day!

I was staying at the Nord Sam campsite in Salzburg which is conveniently located near a bus stop so that one can get to the zoo (or the Untersberg mountain) with only one change of bus.

The zoo has been constructed in a rather unique way.  The designers built it into the steep cliff face of the Hellbrunner Mountain which gives an excellent back drop for mountain living species such as the ibex, brown bear, cougar and others whilst providing an interesting environment for those animals which are not necessarily mountain dwellers.

The zoo is divided into thematic areas representing geographical boundaries.  It is proud of its white rhinoceroses and the large savannah type environment where kudu and waterbucks can be oberserved.  One can also enter into enclosures where birds are flying freely and get close up to monkeys without bars or windows.