Rogowo, Poland

This is an unusual place to spend the night in a campervan.  It is the former sea base at Kamp (Rogowo in Polish).  It was founded in 1936 and was operational until March 1945.  It flew a variety of aircraft for training and in air sea rescue operations which were pioneered by the Germans.  Some units were later transferred to Norway and France but the base was operational throughout WW2.

Planes used mainly the lake Resko Przymorskie but also could fly from the sea if necessary.  The lake was created in 1491 by a storm and is no more than 140cm at its deepest.  During its period as an airbase an ingenious system of pumping water into the lake from boiler houses stopped it from freezing.  

On 5 March 1945 as Soviet troops approached the last 'plane attempted to evacuate school children.  The weight was too heavy and the plane flipped over on take off killing all but one lady school teacher.