Piteå, Sweden

This region of Swedish Lapland offers over 300km of coastline beside the largest brackish water archipelago in the world.

Piteå’s subarctic climate is affected by the Gulf Stream, giving warm summers and pronounced contrasts between the seasons with freezing winters where the ice becomes an adventure arena.

A wide range of entertainment, activities and events are on offer with options for adults and children alike. Try ice skating at the Piteå Ice Arena and visit the entertainment centre at Pite Havsbad. Or, board an icebreaker and experience the uncompromising push through the pack ice, leaving an open waterway behind, or try a true ice bath wearing a special suit. At the Lindbäck Stadium you can ski on the same trails as the international elite, a year round ski tunnel is being built and on the slopes you can try both downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Another incredible place to visit is Studio Acusticum, one of northern Europe’s largest concert halls and home to one of the largest organs in Scandinavia which opened in 2012. At 10 metres wide and almost as tall it has an impressive 9,000 pipes and 208 voices.