The oldest private auto museum in the world!

The Louwman Museum is home to the world’s oldest private collection of motor cars, compiled by two generations of the Louwman family. The museum dates back to 1934 and now comprises over two hundred and fifty antique and classic motor cars. Experts regard the collection as one of the most beautiful in the World. The museum exudes passion. Each car has its own story to tell, its own contribution to history. 
The collection is housed in a purpose built museum in The Hague, the city where P.W. Louwman established his Dodge and Chrysler import company. The building, designed by American architect Michael Graves, blends in sympathetically with its historic surroundings. The landscape gardens, designed by Lodewijk Baljon, complement the architecture of the building.
The front of the museum is characterised by its symmetry. With sharp tipped roofs, typical for Dutch architecture, this part of the museum conveys the feeling of a coach house, this gives the illusion that the building is smaller than it actually is, which makes it blend better with its environment.  The design uses modern elements in conjunction with characteristic Dutch elements. An example of this is the brick facade which is laid in a specific interweaving pattern, creating a field of tension with the more low profile surfaces. This detail is complemented by the slate stone roofing and the octagonal pavilion attached to the rear of the museum, which is not just a special exposition room. It is oriented towards a pre existing row of trees, this feature connects the museum to the landscape.
Parking and accessibility
The museum is located at the edge of the city and can be easily reached via public transportation or by car.
The Louwman Museum has its own underground parking garage with a 170 vehicle capacity. The garage can be accessed via an entrance at the side of the museum. From there the guests have the possibility go, via a set of stairs,
directly to the Great Hall of the museum. So your guests don’t have to go outside again after parking their car.
The elderly or disabled have the possibility to park their vehicle in front of the main entrance of the museum which can be reached via a broad walkway leading to the front of the museum, provided speed is kept at a safe level. This is the
only way for the elderly or disabled to gain entry to the building, since there is no elevator from the parking garage to the museum.
It is also possible to park on the parking lot of the adjacent racetrack ‘Duindigt’. This parking lot is located across the street from the museum and has a total capacity of 800 vehicles. If necessary, we offer the possibility of a shuttle service from and to the museum or we can also offer valet parking.
Traveling by public transport
The name of the bus stop closest to the Louwman Museum is Waalsdorperlaan, buses 90, 385 and 386 stop here. The bus stop Waalsdorperlaan is in front of the Louwman Museum.
Traveling by car
From Amsterdam: On the A4 take the A44 in the direction of ‘Leiden
West/Den Haag centrum’. The A44 becomes the N44, continue in the direction of Wassenaar
Zuid/Den Haag. Continue on the N44. The road passes under the N14. Turn left at the first set of traffic lights (800 m) and left again immediately after the lights. You are now on the Louwman Museum access road.
From Rotterdam On the A13 follow the signs to Den Haag. Take exit E30 in the direction of Den Haag/Utrecht. Follow the signs in the direction of Voorburg/Den Haag/A12 and join the A12. At the traffic lights at the end of the A12 turn right onto the
Benoordenhoutseweg/N44 . Continue on the N44 to the Duindigt junction and leave the N44. Take the exit before you get to the traffic lights. Turn right into the Louwman Museum access road.  
From Utrecht From the A12 follow the signs to Den Haag. Follow the signs in the direction of Voorburg/Den Haag/A12 and join the A12. At the traffic lights at the end of the A12 turn right onto the Benoordenhoutseweg/N44. Continue on the N44 to
the Duindigt junction and leave the N44. Take the exit before you get to the traffic lights. Turn right into the Louwman Museum access road.
The Louwman Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs.  Closed on Mondays.
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