Maciejowice, Poland

Here we see our motorhome in the main square of Maciejowice which is located some 80km to the south of Warsaw.  I had passed through on many occasions as this is on the road between Warsaw and Kazimierz Dolny and admired the enormous market square which I thought would be a good place to spend the night.

There is a museum in the Town Hall which stands on the main square with a diorama of the 1794 battle.  Walking eastwards, we came to an interesting hunting lodge with an exhibition of woodland life.

A battle was fought close to Maciejowice in 1794 which was the last battle of the Kościuszko revolt against Russian rule.  Our visit almost coincided with the 220th anniversary of the battle.

There was also a battle here in the summer 1915 between Russian and German forces.  On 13 August 1920 during the Polish - Soviet war, a Red Army unit penetrated nearby but was forced back.  There was also fighting here on 8 - 9 September 1939 as Polish forces pulled back over the Vistula river.  The bridge was then destroyed and still has not been rebuilt.