Liberation Route book published

A unique travel book about the liberation of Europe during World War II, the book is the first of its kind. It combines the signature Rough Guides writing style with the Foundation’s expertise in this period of history. The book covers hundreds of locations through regions in nine different countries, focusing on the liberation routes of the Allied advance. It is a unique contribution to remembrance tourism and makes this important part of European history accessible to a wide audience.

The book leads the reader along the routes taken by the Allies in the closing stages of World War II, and suggests remembrance sites that can be visited along the way. It is the first thematic travel guide for Rough Guides and is written in an evocative tone, using lesser-known stories to create an accessible narrative. Inter-chapter features explore topics like various Resistance movements and the role of women in the war effort. By combining experiences to discover, such as the daily sunset march in Nijmegen, with a comprehensive list of sites along the Liberation Route Europe, this important guide represents a new step in uniting the story of the liberation of Europe across borders.