Kirchzell, Germany

Kirchzell is located in the Geo-Nature Park Bergstraße-Odenwald in an area which is quite thickly forested.  The topographically highest point of the municipality is located at 548 m above sea level. The name Kirchzell comes from the Middle High German words kirche meaning church and cëlle meaning farmyard – maybe the Church on the Farm would be a suitable translation.

Kirchzell is a community with 1200 years of history. Kirchzell owes its foundation to the Benedictine Abbey in Amorbach. In 1168, the monastery Amorbach and thus Kirchzell came under the rule of the Lords of Dürn which is today Walldürn. This princely family built the castle at Wildenberg on ​​Preunschener mountain, which was a highlight of the castle construction of the period. A century later, the noblemen of Dürn sold their lands to the Archbishop of Mainz. In the year 1700 Kirchzell was awarded market rights.  On the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire it became part of Baden and then was ceded in 1810 to Hesse-Darmstadt before going to Bavaria in 1816.

Local curiousities include the forest museum and some fifteenth century farmhouses.

Two kilometres from the village, one can find Campingpark Kirchzell.