Ingolstadt, Germany

Ingolstadt, the former Bavarian Dukes residence, university and fortress city is the center of one of the most beautiful adventure regions in Germany. In the heart of Bavaria, history, cuisine and culture combine to create a unique natural landscape experience. 
Ingolstadt is an ideal destination for a varied city break. The city on the Danube offers in every season and for all interests just the right thing. Impressive sights from the time when Ingolstadt was the Bavarian ducal residence, alternate with imposing fortifications from the era as Bavarian fortress. The Ingolstadt Outlet Shopping Village and the Audi Forum Ingolstadt invite internationally renowned shopping and adventure worlds to discovery tours. After extended city walks, it is best to relax in a traditional restaurant or in a beer garden with a Bavarian beer - brewed according to the Bayerische Reinheitsgebot for beer issued in Ingolstadt.
Ingolstadt is also the center of one of the most attractive regions of Germany: At the gates of the city is an exciting region with the Danube floodplain in the north, the baroque Ottheinrichstadt Neuburg a.d. Danube, the asparagus growing areas in the vicinity of the Lenbach city Schrobenhausen and the endless hop gardens of the Hallertau. The best way to explore this holiday region "Donau-Spargel-Hopfenland" is by bike or e-bike. From Ingolstadt as the center, well-developed bike paths like the Danube Cycle Path or the Couple Tour run in every direction. New this year: the "Herzstücktour" - a multi-day tour in the heart of Bavaria, which guarantees unforgettable impressions and culinary experiences between the Danube and Altmühl.
In the year 2020, Ingolstadt and the region will become even greener: As part of the Bavarian State Garden Show, a new landscape park will open its doors to visitors from near and far between 24 April and 4 October. Under the motto "Inspiration Nature" an attractive experience space arises in the area of ​​tension between landscape architecture, nature education and flower show.