Houffalize, Belgium

Houffalize is one of the best known localities associated with the Battle of the Bulge.  Captured in the first days of the battle, it is an important strategic crossroads and because of this suffered greatly on the night of 5 – 6 January 1945 when it was pounded to destruction by ninety RAF Lancasters of Bomber Command who delivered around 1,200 tonnes of bombs.  Patton was driven to writing a poem in his diary about the bombing when he saw it after liberation.  You can see in the film how the effects of the blast would have been magnified by the lay of the land, as being in a 'hollow' surrounded by hills would have contributed to the effects of the bombing.  A similar fate happened to La Roce en Ardenne.

As the Bulge was flattened, generals Montgomery and Patton met up here, Montgomery coming from the north and Patton from the south.  

Today the town has one of the most poignant memorials to the battle, a Panther tank in one of its squares which was rescued after the war.