Food and drink in Brabant

One can enjoy regional produce and specialties from Brabant all year round. In the spring there is the region’s famous anchovies, strawberries and asparagus. And year-round delicious dining with local game is something that has been present for centuries in Brabant. In addition, you can also always find local specialty beers, Trappist cheeses and Bossche bollen to enjoy.


They really like to enjoy life in Brabant and that often includes enjoying a beer or two in great company. In Brabant they take pride of their ever-increasing range of specialty beers. It's also the case that you're increasingly able to drink them in some truly unique locations. North Brabant is also known as the beer brewing province of the Netherlands. With around four beer brewers per 100,000 inhabitants, it’s the largest number in the country.


Autumn and winter are the perfect time for comfort food: game and beer. It's a perfect combination. But which beer goes with which dish? That's not quite as simple to work out. You would have thought that the powerful flavours of game work well with a heavy beer - a triple say. It's an option. There'd certainly be enough flavour, but it might also be a bit heavy on the stomach. If you're eating a good chunk of hare or wild boar, a triple from Brabant might be a great option. Preferably one with soft and floral hop flavours.


But it's also true of game and beer: don't overdo it! A strong beer shouldn't overpower the taste of the dish. A guinea fowl or quail for instance call for a little more refinement. And that's not just in the taste of the meat. The frequently served side dishes of potato roses and the subtle flavours of beetroot, pearl onions, chicory, quince, and baby vegetables require a little finesse.


In general, the caramel tones of a bock beer are great with game. The available number of bock beers are growing fast in the region. Top breweries include: Eindhoven City Brewery, Eindhoven; Kraft Beer, Tilburg and De Kat Brewery in Helmond.


In Brabant not surprisingly there is a Trappist beers cycling route.  The 'Taste the 5 Trappists' route was developed with the existing cycle route network as a way of visiting the 5 Trappist monasteries in Brabant and nearby Flanders. Not for the faint of heart the route is 334 kms! The route takes in cities and villages including Tilburg and Zundert.