Bolków, Poland

Bolków is a town of 5,500 people on the Nysa Szalona River which is dominated by its thirteenth century castle ruin.  The castle was destroyed in the Thirty Years War and periodic attempts at restoration have gone on for the past 110 years.

The recorded history of the town dates to a 1276 deed, Bolków was named after Duke Bolko II of Świdnica, who died in 1368. His duchy was incorporated into the Lands of the Bohemian Crown of the Holy Roman Empire where it remained through its successor states, the last of which was Germany. In 1945 it was transferred to Poland.

A training camp for Jewish volunteers to Hagana was established in 1947 in Bolków. The camp trained 7000 soldiers who then traveled to Palestine and it existed until the end of 1948.