VW delivers 371,500 vans in first nine months of 2018

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 371,500 vehicles to customers worldwide in the first nine months of the year. Considering last year’s figures, it is an increase of 3,500 vehicles (+1.0 per cent). In Western Europe, 253,200 vehicles were delivered to customers (+1.5 per cent).  It needs to be stressed that only a very small percentage of these vehicles were used for RVs!

Of which 95,100 vehicles were supplied to customers in the domestic German market (+3.5 per cent). In the core markets Spain (10.5 per cent to 12,200 vehicles), Italy (+2.1 per cent to 9,200 vehicles) and Great Britain (+1.5 per cent to 36,200 vehicles), the brand also delivered more vehicles from January until September than in the same period of time last year.

In Eastern Europe Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shipped 30,500 vehicles, an increase of 5.4 per cent. Overseas deliveries also increased in Africa (+28.3 per cent to 13,200 vehicles), South America (+13.0 per cent to 34,600 vehicles) and the Asia-Pacific region (+3.6 per cent 19,900 vehicles).

In North America (Mexico; -29.4 per cent to 5,500 vehicles) and in the Middle East (-32.6 per cent to 14,500 vehicles) fewer vehicles were handed over to customers due to the volatile market situations.

Overview of worldwide deliveries between January and September by product line:

• 152,100 vehicles from the T product line (153,800; -1.1 per cent)
• 119,700 vehicles from the Caddy product line (123,100; -2.8 per cent)
• 61,200 vehicles from the Amarok product line (57,800; +5.8 per cent)
• 38,600 vehicles from the Crafter product line (33,100; +16.5 per cent)



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