Travel application for visiting EU planned

There are plans to introduce an EUR7 fee for those entering the Schengen zone which will apply to all visa-exempt countries outside the EU, except those in the EEA/EFTA, which maintain free movement with the union.  This will be done via the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) and would entail the completion of an online form before travelling in order to apply for authorisation.  There will also be an EUR7 fee.

The aim of the measure is for EU border protection but it will mean problems for those attempting to enter the EU which could also be UK citizens after Brexit.

Ambassadors from the EU countries confirmed the plan on 25 April 2018.  It will now go before the European Parliament.

The area affected will not just be the EU but also Norway, Iceland and Switzerland which are members of Schengen.




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