Thetford acknowledged in Business Award Baronie of Breda!

Thetford has been rewarded for entrepreneurship and ‘Employer Branding’. The Business Award Baronie of Breda celebrates entrepreneurship and this year the focus has been on Employer Branding. Thetford was judged by a professional jury of entrepreneurs, government and educational institutions as a strong employer brand in the Baronie of Breda 2018.  

Thetford was nominated as one of the top three for this prestigious entrepreneur award, along to Hero Benelux and Netvlies Internet services. During an exciting entrepreneurial evening on the 3rd of April in the Church of Breda, Thetford was announced as the winner.

A few quotes from the jury report: “Thetford is a global market leader who still runs a large production location locally in Etten-Leur and also heavily invests in innovation. Thetford has a modern vision of good employment, especially for the work-life balance. In times of crisis, Thetford is looking for creative solutions to retain its staff. Employees are encouraged to think and work in an entrepreneurial way, there is also room for development and job rotation. It is also an organization where mistakes can be made. Additionally there is a strong social family culture. All this made the choice of Thetford as a strong employer brand unanimous.

“We are very proud of winning this award! It proves again how we are as an organization and shows how we interact with each other in our organization, no matter at which level you are. At Thetford, people are key and we offer our employees personal attention and plenty of opportunity to develop themselves. This creates the foundation for innovation and growth, for both the employee and the entire organization. In addition, it ensures a loyal and warm culture within our organization, both here in Etten-Leur and at our foreign branches, “said Stéphane Cordeille, CEO of Thetford.


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