Stonehaven residents unhappy with RVs

It would appear that some campers have been parking on the sea front promenade in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK - so much so that locals are complaining and the Council is making noises about cracking down on it.

In 2017 signs went up forbidding over night stops but once the signs came down (for reasons that the Council does not appear to be aware of), their problem returned. 

Local newspaper Mearns Leader quoted one resident as saying  “Previously there had been as many as 10 camper vans parked overnight, some staying for several days. “

Clearly the problem is exacerbated by abuse which includes people putting out deckchairs and picnic tables.

The local authority says that it wants to keep the town attractive for tourists and wants to find a solution.  There is a paid campsite nearby.

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