Search and rescue motorhome lost

Red Rock Search, Rescue and Recovery based in Las Vegas Nevada has lost the motorhome it used for its People Support Team where relatives would sit and be taken care of while search teams sought missing persons, usually hikers who had got lost in the mountains and deserts.  Along with 37 other vehicles, it was destroyed by fire in a storage facility fire on 9 April 2016 belonging to the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer near Lake Mead Boulevard and Tenaya Way.

The People Support Team believe that a RV is crucial to the search and rescue process because people are under so much stress thinking about if they will ever see their family member again. Whereas the family will suffer from stress, at least they are not out in the elements, often scorching sun.

Red Rock Search and Rescue is trying to obtain a replacement, perhaps a vehicle that is no longer in use. They can be contacted here :

340 Villa Monterey Dr
Las Vegas, NV

Tel.: (702) 233 - 9513 



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