A record year for camping tourism in Germany

Figures from the German Federal Statistical Office seem to suggest that this year may be a record year for the camping industry, improving on 2014 which was also a record year.  Last year the German camping industry showed a 7.2 percent increase in overnight stays.

Currenty available figures go only as far as August 2015 but they show six percent more overnight stays with 24,517,473 nights in total. It is therefore probable that the total for the whole year will be around 30 million nights.

Of course this figure is largely due to the good weather in spring and summer. This summer was the third warmest in Germany since records began.  

Two states bucked the trend and saw fewer visitors.  They were Berlin and Thuringia..  

Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate recorded an increase of around 9.0% whilst the Saar hit 24.0%. Improvements in other regions Include Middle Saxony (+9.6%), Upper Saxony (+4.2%), Hesse (+9.2%), North Rhine-Westphalia (+4.8%) and Brandenburg (+12.2%). Pomerania saw an improvement of over ten percent but other regions in the north did not do so well.

The overwhelming bulk of campers came from Germany followed by the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.

Dr. Gunter Riechey, President of the camping business organisation BVCD predicts that 2015 will eventually show an improvement of six percent when compared to 2014.

Photo : Campers at the Messe Dusseldorf campsite


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