Police ordered to return confiscated property to motorhome driver

A federal judge in Nevada has ordered the police to return USD167,000 that was confiscated from a man travelling by motorhome from Delaware to Sacramento, California.

The man was stopped twice.  The police claimed that the dog had indicated that there were drugs in the vehicle, however none were found.  The motorhome was confiscated along with the man's computer and mobile phone.

Police suspicion was also based on the very large sum of money in the van, however no connection with crime was shown.

You can see in the video that the victim is told that he is 'free to go' but without transport in the middle of the desert several thousand kilometres from home.  The police did however allow the victim to take his credit card and just under USD200 in cash.

Readers may recall that this type of behaviour can also happen in Europe.  Motorhome Full Time publisher Alan Heath was held in Switzerland on 15 January 2015 whilst customs officers ransacked his van causing around EUR2,000 in damage and stealing his driving licence and pills.  In this case, Swiss authorities have offered CHF15 in compensation, provided that a receipt for work done on the van is included.


For more on the Nevada story see the Daily Signal :



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