Pilote G700GJ - beds for tall people!

Pilote G700GJ

Pilote has brought out the G700GJ , a 6.99 meter A-Class motorhome with twin beds, a comfortable living room and an independent bathroom with a double-door that separates the bathroom from the bedroom and the lounge.  



The G700GJ is built on a FIAT CCS chassis with track width widened in the rear for a better road-holding. It is lowered by 15cm to allow the under-floor service compartment to accommodate the fluid systems.  

The double floor improves insulation thanks to the heated area below the inside floor. It also brings 2 additional floor storage areas in the lounge and at the back of the vehicle.  

The engine is a 130 HP, 2.3 l Fiat Multijet as standard and available in both 150 and 180 HP.  

Panels are 28 mm thick and isolated with styrofoam, reinforced with rot-proof cleats and covered in either aluminum or GFK. They are fixed on aluminum section profiles to ensure the structure reliability. The G700GJ is equipped with aluminum skirts on each side of the vehicle to allow great resistance to the break.  

Roof and under floor are made of GFK. Fresh and waste water tanks are protected from freezing for a better winter use.  

The rear storage access is lowered to ease the loading of tall and bulky items such as bicycles. It is accessible from both sides and insulated using double-seal doors with compression locks. It is also heated to ensure the bedroom is always the perfect temperature, even in the winter. Just like every Pilote vehicle, the rear storage can support more weight thanks to chassis extensions.  

The light weight of the G700GJ structure allows a 530 kg payload. 


The cab  

The G700GJ is equipped with height adjustable AGUTI seats combined with two armrests. A smart storage case is integrated in the passenger side. To get complete blackout at night, the G700GJ is equipped with frontal and side sliding blinds as standard for an appropriate use of the fold down bed. To enhance the comfort, the fold down bed mattress is set on a slatted base.  


The lounge  

The G700GJ offers a large and comfortable lounge that can easily host up to 5 persons.  

The L-shaped drivers’ side seats are 109 x 109 long and filled with high density foam that provides both great comfort and lifetime.  

On the passenger side, a 48 cm bench with a trapezoidal cushion seat brings a smart answer to lounge small vehicle layouts.  

The TV is setup on an adjustable arm that can be either oriented in the inside or the outside through out the cell door.  

The lounge can converted into a bed for 1 person in option.  


The kitchen  

Compact though ergonomic, the kitchen provides multiple drawers and a deep high storage unit.  

The light grey integrated splashback brings contrast in the kitchen atmosphere. The G700GJ kitchen is equipped with 3 plugs (12 V, 230 V and USB), a 2 burner stainless steel hob and a round stainless steel sink both with cover.  

Pilote chose the new Dometic 138 liters as the G700GJ fridge. It provides a good capacity and allows an extra drawer at the bottom of the fridge. The freezer is easy to remove for either more space or to ease the water transfer for the making of ice cubes.  

The G700GJ is equipped with the sliding worktop extension to make the cooking more pleasant.  

The oven is available as an option and is set up under the hob so that the worktop extension is still functional.  


The bathroom  

The G700GJ bathroom provides a large shower which is also used in the G740 motorhomes. It has no step and sizes 70 x 80 cm. The WC comes with a 230 V plug and a hanger rail in the inside face of the door.  

The biggest advantage of the G700GJ bathroom is the double-door system that enables the bathroom door to be closed from both the bedroom and the lounge. This allows people who are sleeping in either the front or rear to use the toilet at night without disturbing everyone else. 


The bedroom  

The bedroom of the G700GJ offers twin beds, the passenger side bed is two metres long whilst the driver side bed is 190cms.  Both mattresses are on a slatted base and both of them have a deep wardrobe underneath. An additional mattress between the two beds comes as an option. 


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