NZ council seeking motorhome ban

New Zealand which has been leading the way globally in promoting motorhome travel now finds itself in an unusual position with one of its tourist hot spots. Taupo District Council has proposed a bylaw will ban campervans from staying anywhere in the district, with the exception of 15 preferred sites and private property.  This would even mean that someone visiting friends and parking outside their house would be in breach of hte law.

The proposal bylaw is counter to the New Zealand Freedom Camping Act 2011 which permits motorhomes to park more or less anywhere they want on public land except in certain sites where it needs to be restricted or prohibited such as for nature conservation, safety, circulation etc..

Taupo attracts a lot of tourists and this would mean that its laws where exactly the opposite of everywhere else in the country.

Motorhome organisation NZMCA says that if the council adopts the bylaw in its current form then it may seek a judicial review.



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