Norway wanting to go fossil fuel free

The Norwegian press has published stories that the country is moving forward to ban fossil fuel cars by 2025 with the four largest political parties supporting such a move.  

Despite being a major supplier of crude oil, Norway already gets more than 90% of its electrical energy from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectric.  It exports electricity to Germany and hopes to do so to the United Kingdom too.

Fuel prices are amongst the highest in the world in Norway and it is no surprse that there is a good market for electric vehicles which have no excise duty, can use commuter lanes, have access to priority parking and free electric chargers in many towns.  They are also exempt from paying certain tolls too.

The country also has plans for spending around EUR800m on bicycle infrastructure - including trails between large cities.

As far as larger vehicles are concerned, the government wants around half of all lorres to be electrically powered, or have partial electrical power by 2030.  

Of course fuel is not being outlawed and anyone planning a trip there will still be able to buy diesel - although no doubt at an even greater premium than before!

So when are we going to see the first electrically powered motorhome?  



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