No parking on your property in Plainview

Plainview is a town in Texas, which uses as a slogan 'explore the possibilities'.  One of those possibilities is to make sure that Plainview lives up to its name and has a plain view.  A very common city code violation which is reported to local authorities is that of recreational vehicles, travel trailers and motorhomes parked in residential areas.

City codes prohibit mobile homes, motor homes, campers, trailers, boats, truck trailers, truck tractors, machinery, farm and similar equipment from being parked or left standing for more than two days during any seven-day period “within the front yard between the front building line and the front property line, or within the side yard of a corner lot between the side building line and the side of the lot abutting a street or public right-of-way.”

This means you cannot park your vehicle on your property if it can be seen by the public.

If you live there, or are visiting, and think that someone's camper van parked on their own property is having a negative impact on property values and general aesthetics, you can report them to City Hall at 806-296-1140, or or via Plainview’s MyCommunity smartphone app.

Photo : a fantastic vista of the court house in Plainview, Texas unbesmirched by any motorhomes spoiling the plain view. You could end up here if you park your vehicle on your drive!


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