Motorhome over the top for bike race

Richie Porte has left the Giro d'Italia leaving his motorhome with no-one to sleep inside after other members of Team Sky turned it down.  So now it has become a conference centre on wheels - a bit of a waste you may think.

Team Sky has tried all sorts of innovations to win bike races in the past which included use of their own matresses which were carried from hotel to hotel.  Obviously a motorhome beats that but what would happen in a major event if all the cyclists turned up with motorhomes?  That would be good news for us, particularly if it meant new facilities coming on line, but looking at this realistically we know it is not going to happen.  Can you imagine up to 200 motorhomes following a cycling race with all the other hangers on?

I seem to recall that possibily the best known cyclist in recent years,Lance Armstrong, used to stay in dormitories in youth hostels.  Most of us probably used to stay in youth hostels too - before we graduated to motorhomes.

As a person who wants to promote motorhome travel, I am glad Richie Porte had a van - although I wish he had chosen something a bit more modest - a 1990 VW camper for example. However the picture shows what I would have chosen in his place - a new Niesmann and Bischoff!


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