Man to cross ocean in whale

Motorhomes don't cross water, at least not oceans, and if this is something you would like to do, what better way than to cross the Atlantic in a home made whale.

This is precisely what 73 year old Tom McClean plans to do.  He is going to take his 20 meter long home made whale from Loch Nevis to London and then to cross the Atlantic to New York in it.

The whale cost GBP100,000 to build and it took Tom 20 years. The whale measures nearly 20 metres and weighs 62 tonnes.

However, as you can see from the plan, it has a certain resemblance to a motorhome!

Tom McClean served in the Special Air Service, an elite formation of the British Army.  He has done daring things in the past such as being the longest person to stay on Rockall, a tiny rock island off the west coast of the UK and he rowed the Atlantic alone.  

The whale is made from steel.  Tom says he is doing it to raise environmental awareness and indeed he is into saving the planet - his home is powered by hydro-electrics which is just as well as it is far from the grid.  If you want to pop in on him you will have either a ten kilometre cross country hike or need to take a boat.   The steel whale however has an engine which should be enough to warn off other whales who might take a fancy to it!



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