Hymer won't be at Caravan Salon

Even before the announced postponement of Caravan Salon 2020 in Düsseldorf, Hymer took the decision to cancel its participation at the world’s largest caravanning trade fair this year. Aside from Caravan Salon, this decision also affects all the other large events being held throughout the rest of Europe this year. The health risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic have fundamentally changed the conditions for participation in events this year.


“The health of our employees, customers and trading partners is our top priority. The requirements that will continue to be imposed by the coronavirus pandemic in the coming months will make a relaxed atmosphere and in-depth conversations between people impossible. This will also have an impact on the high standards that Hymer has always placed on the advice and services provided by our company,” explains Christian Bauer, President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG. “That’s why, in addition to Caravan Salon, we will also be cancelling all the other trade fairs and large events that are scheduled to take place throughout Europe for 2020.” The decision has been taken in agreement across the entire Erwin Hymer Group.


“We’re confident that we’ll be able to continue offering our customers a product experience that is as emotional as it is informative in the coming months thanks to our strong network of dealers and our wide-reaching digital services and platforms,” adds Christian Bauer. The comprehensive measures that have been taken to provide contactless consultations and the increased use of innovative, digital platforms and formats will ensure that Hymer is able to provide customer service in a safe environment. “This means that we are adopting a sustainable and promising approach, which is not only laying the foundations for our future success, but which is also clearly focused on ensuring the safety of everyone concerned.”



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