Gas attack on British couple in France

A Northern Ireland man who awoke in the night to see a burglar leaning over his wife as she slept - only to discover he was powerless to move - believes they were both drugged, after discovering puncture wounds on their arms.


Ivan (56) and Anne Hill (57) from Newtownards, have been caravanning for nearly 30 years.

They set off on what they hoped would be an idyllic French holiday in a motorhome they purchased two years ago.

But their relaxing getaway quickly turned into a horror movie.

"The fact that I woke up and saw a man standing over my wife and was totally incapable of doing anything about it has upset me greatly - he could have been murdering her and all I could do was close my eyes," Ivan told the Belfast Telegraph.

The assistant hospital catering manager and his wife, a retired nurse, travelled by ferry to Cherbourg and arrived shortly before lunchtime on August 27.

But halfway into an 11 hour drive to their final destination they pulled in at a busy campsite along the A10 motorway near the town of Saint Leger Ouest.

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