DexKo acquires Winterhoff Group

DexKo, which also owns AL-KO Vehicle Technology based in Kötz near Augsburg, has aquired the Winterhoff Group based in Breckerfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. With this acquisition, AL-KO is expanding its entire area of the product segments of jockey wheels, couplings and fittings. The transaction took effect on 31 August 2016.

Winterhoff was previously a supplier of jockey wheels for AL-KO Vehicle Technology in the past. With this takeover, AL-KO is increasing its own production depth and simultaneously optimising its internal value-added and supply chains in the European market. The fittings sector will top off the AL-KO range. All partners and customers of Winterhoff will continue to be supported as in the past. The previous contacts will remain the same.

Harald Hiller, President of AL-KO Vehicle Technology, emphasises the significance of this transaction: "Winterhoff has been a successful company for decades and is very well positioned in the market with its products. The strategic fit to AL-KO could not be better, because this integration will further strengthen our core business, which will allow us to service our customers with an even broader range. We will continue the brands of Winterhoff and ALBE Berndes in the existing form."

Rainer Winterhoff, Managing Director of the Winterhoff Group explains: "This is the ideal time, also in light of the rapid globalisation, to put our business on a promising path to a joint future with this merger. AL-KO Vehicle Technology is the perfect fit for this strategic move."

AL-KO Vehicle Technology is part of the DexKo Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of chassis technology. DexKo is committed to expand its business in a logical manner through organic growth and the acquisition of first class companies and strong brands. Fred Bentley, CEO at DexKo: "We are incredibly excited about adding Winterhoff to our business division. We have spent the first six months after acquiring AL-KO Vehicle Technology focusing on optimising the existing business and the team has done an incredible job. Now is the time to expand our business in a systematic manner. The acquisition of Winterhoff will enable us to take the first step towards this growth path. Additional steps will follow, making this an exciting time to be part of the DexKo organization."


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