Concorde surprised that Caravan Salon is going ahead

Concorde, manufacturers of luxury motorhomes, have issued a rather tersely worded statement saying that they will not be at Caravan Salon this year.

In the statement, the company says that under no circumstances will it take part in Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2020.

The company says that it was surprised by the decision to go ahead due to the very complex and costly additional measures that will be needed.  It says that compliance with strict corona hygiene measures already showed the limits of what was possible. In order to avoid the formation of small groups or the encounter of strolling people who would fall below the safety distance of 1.5 meters, strict guidance is required at the exhibition stand. After the “inspection” of a motorhome by one or possibly two visitors, disinfection measures must be carried out immediately on all touched areas (flaps, drawers, doors, upholstery, etc.).

It added that speaking through face masks is extremely difficult for visitors as well as sales staff, there would be little room for offering refreshments and that with everything considered a friendly, relaxed and informative visit to a stand would not be possible.

In addition, the statement added, Concorde could not take responsibility for its employees or for its customer base and cannot guarantee their security.

The company points out that the very people who are potential clients for its products are the very people who belong to the highest risk group.  It goes on to suggest that a second wave of the pandemic could start in Düsseldorf due to the gathering of so many people at risk.

Taking into account all of the above points and also weighing up economic interests and constraints, Concorde says that the well-being of people stands before money making.

The statement concludes that even if the entire industry is currently in a temporarily difficult economic situation, the management is very positive that the caravaning industry and Concorde will emerge from the crisis stronger than before as RVs being self-sufficient can offer living comfort with hygienic sanitary facilities.


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