Campaign for special registrations for RVs

The idea of producing the longest motorhome convoy in the world seems to have started out as a kind of get together, a bit of a let's see if we can do this idea but without much purpose other than that of having a good time.  Nonetheless seeing that some interest is involved, the organisers are now suggesting making a valid point which effects all of us motorhomers, not only in Germany, and their desire to introduce a C plate - like the numberplates given to historic classic cars - has got the support of MEP Alois Gerig who isubmitted the plans to the Transport Committee on 29 January 2018.

The aim of the proposed C licence plate initiative is to prevent imminent driving bans in urban areas for diesel powered vehicles in given environmental zones which now are mulitiplying in Germany, France, UK and other countries.

There is of course the precedent of the H registration used for vintage cars which means that they do not have to meet environmental standards.

The introduction of restrictions for certain types of diesel cars in London forced many motorhomers to dispose of their vehicles - and this is something which is likely to increase as environmental standards get more stringent.  If legislation requires those driving in environmental zones to meet EURO 6D standards then this will have a major effect on motorhomes, indeed most 2018 new models only meet EURO 6a or EURO 6b.  This will further effect the amount of visitors, particularly bearing in mind the growth of motorhome tourism and those visitors will be funneled towards those places where such legislation exists.

Further difficulties are the fall in the value of motorhomes that could happen as a resulf of stringent legilslation, not only for the owner but the finance companies which ultimately own a great deal of new models.  It also could effect sales of vehicles and equipment and potentially also those employed in the motorhome and tourism sectors.

The campaign therefore seeks exemption from driving bans through increased emission levels, travel through environmental zones and freezing of the valid vehicle tax rate as of 2017.

The representatives of the convoy and the German camping club DCI say that they want those that can upgrade their vehicles todo so where technically possible.  For example, a Euro 4 vehicle with Ad Blue hardware can be converted to Euro 6, thus giving it the Euro 6 paperwork.  Current legislation does not permit such a change to be recognised which is one of the reasons why the C licence is important.

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