Another record year for Germany

According to the German statistics office, the country welcomed around 34.5 million overnight stays on campsites in 2018 making that year the fifth record year in succession.  According to official statistics, overnight stays have risen by 11.3% over the previous peak year of 2017. Between 2008 and 2018, total growth of 50% was achieved, during which time the number of overnight stays rose from 23 million to 34.5 million.

Bavaria is number one in a nationwide comparison. In Bavaria, with an increase of 9.9%, almost 6.2 million overnight stays were counted at the local campsites. Bavaria is followed by Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (5 million), Lower Saxony (4.9 million) and Baden-Württemberg (4.6 million units). The year of camping in Germany was positive in all provinces: each federal state could achieve growth in 2018 in terms of arrivals as well as overnight stays at the local campsites compared to the previous year.

Strong domestic market: 86.1% of overnight stays were generated by German camping holidaymakers, with growth of 11.2% over the previous year. With regard to the foreign guests, another record can be recorded: 4.7 million overnight stays by foreign campers in German campgrounds, an increase of 12.1% and a historic peak. Most foreign camping nights are for campers from the Netherlands, who generate about half of the foreign overnight stays. After the Netherlands, Switzerland (14.9%), Denmark (5.9%) and Belgium (5.4%) are the most important foreign source markets.

Dr. Gunter Riechey, President of the Federal Association of Camping Industry in Germany e. V., is pleased with the positive overall balance of the past camping year. Nevertheless, he points out that you can not rest on the successes of recent years. "Camping means innovation and experience as a particularly close to nature holiday form. The campsites in Germany must not stop developing and orientate themselves on new holiday trends and openly face issues such as digitization. Also modern and exceptional accommodation offers, such. Mobile homes as rental accommodation could in the future make up the decisive difference between success and failure. "Here, however, the industry in many states still laments legislative deficits. To remedy these deficiencies, the association has developed its own model ordinance for camping and weekend places, this is in the online shop at available.

Source: Federal Statistical Office, Monthly survey in tourism - 


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