Acid attacks on vans in Billingham

A £50,000 mobile home has been doused in “acid” in an act of vandalism that left its owner in pieces.  Neighbours woke up to find yobs had coated four vehicles with a mystery corrosive fluid, causing parts of them to melt.  

For Carol Smith, she thought the substance on her giant motorhome was “bird muck”.

But she was left on the cusp of tears when she discovered what it really was.

“That motor home is our pride and joy and for someone to do that is sickening and I just wish and hope they get caught,” said the 57-year-old.

“I want justice and I won’t rest until someone is brought to justice.”

Police are investigating the overnight attacks in Billingham’s Hereford Terrace , with officers carrying out investigations on Tuesday morning.

For Carol though, as “shattering” as the damage is, the attack raises far more worrying questions - particularly why someone is carrying corrosive substances around the streets of Billingham in the middle of the night.

“You keep reading about all these acid attacks, and it just makes you wonder that while this may be on vehicles, what is stopping it happening to people,” questioned Carol.

“There are that many nutters walking around all over the country, and when these acid attacks come on the TV i think it plants something in their head.”

Due to the time her husband left work, she thinks the culprit struck after sunrise.

She’s pinning her hopes that possible CCTV from a nearby nursery may track down the vandals.

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