Caravan builder Dave McRobbie's life-long career has become vintage. The 65-year-old qualified coach builder - one of a fast retiring breed - began an apprenticeship at the long-shut Hamilton Liteweight​ Caravan factory in 1969.  Now, he spends his days refurbishing the same caravans he once buil

The other night as I sipped a mug of hot chocolate while engrossed in a documentary about what apparently makes Canada such an interesting place, it occurred to me I may be suffering from OF - Old Fartism.

A chat with Doctor No.1 Son has since strengthened my self diagnosis.

Amidst the hype surrounding the 'modern craze' known as freedom camping, people have forgotten that once upon a time, before it got given a trendy new name, it used to be known as something else.

Trentino sits at the junction between two climates and several culinary traditions, and its cuisine is a melting pot of ingredients and methods.

Nearly 80,000 New Zealand Motor Caravan Association members are being encouraged to stop in Kaikohe after the town was named a ‘Motorhome Friendly’ destination this month.

Ed Hochuli has officially hung up his whistle and his smedium striped shirt after 28 years, but the legendary NFL referee is planning on hitting the road as he begins his next chapter in life.