For 30 years John and Margaret Spain have lived in a motorhome, calling New Zealand their backyard. The couple sold their Dunedin home three decades ago and hit the road.

When Roger and Trish Jenkins spent a night at a Taranaki campground they had no intention of staying any longer.  But then they discovered they loved the place and less than a fortnight later, they owned it.  In a strange twist the former leaseholder of Marine Park Motor Camp in Waitara, north of

Mia Brookes has a cherished signed poster on her wall with 2018 Olympic snowboard champions 

If you dream about owning a cow, you can adopt one in northern Italy and even eat the cheese that has been produced with her milk.

Trentino by bike

If you like biking, you’ll love Trentino with 1,700km of MTB trails, 480km of cycle paths, and some of the most beautiful hill climbs in the Alps to choose from, we’ve got something special for every kind of two-wheeler.

For Colin Baxter, freedom camping isn't just a way of life, it also "saved his life".  When the 61-year-old was made redundant from his senior role in a New Zealand-owned company in 2010, the solo father feared for both his own future and that of his daughter, who was at university.