For Colin Baxter, freedom camping isn't just a way of life, it also "saved his life".  When the 61-year-old was made redundant from his senior role in a New Zealand-owned company in 2010, the solo father feared for both his own future and that of his daughter, who was at university. 

Caravan builder Dave McRobbie's life-long career has become vintage. The 65-year-old qualified coach builder - one of a fast retiring breed - began an apprenticeship at the long-shut Hamilton Liteweight​ Caravan factory in 1969.  Now, he spends his days refurbishing the same caravans he once buil

The other night as I sipped a mug of hot chocolate while engrossed in a documentary about what apparently makes Canada such an interesting place, it occurred to me I may be suffering from OF - Old Fartism.

A chat with Doctor No.1 Son has since strengthened my self diagnosis.

Amidst the hype surrounding the 'modern craze' known as freedom camping, people have forgotten that once upon a time, before it got given a trendy new name, it used to be known as something else.

Trentino sits at the junction between two climates and several culinary traditions, and its cuisine is a melting pot of ingredients and methods.

Nearly 80,000 New Zealand Motor Caravan Association members are being encouraged to stop in Kaikohe after the town was named a ‘Motorhome Friendly’ destination this month.