Sustainability and biodiversity are strategic assets in Trentino. So it’s no wonder that the “environment-friendly” approach is taken so seriously. New types of high-quality hospitality are the result: rooted in tradition, yet open to green technologies and fresh ideas.


Here is something I eat a lot of as it fills me up, is extremely healthy and keeps me going to the next feeding time 22 hours or so later. Garlic, ginger, lemon and nuts. I forgot to add the watermelon (which I did not have on me and raisins.

Despite a very unpleasant experience in January 2015 where criminals working for the Swiss customs ransacked by van, I returned in this Sunlight T67. Here I give a quick discussion on driving in this country.

It may seem that van for travelling – machine is not universal and cannot be used for recreation throughout the year. Actually this is not so. Well and properly equipped car can satisfy even the wildest requests a seasoned camper and traveler.

Caravanning is experiencing an upswing in China. There is growing enthusiasm for the caravanning industry and the complete segment of mobile holidaymaking in the world’s most populous country.

Attracted by Instagram images of a free-spirited, simpler way to travel, older consumers are turning to vans for their trips, while adding the high-end spin they can afford.