The Romans passed through the Valsugana valley in Italy's Trentino along the Via Claudia Augusta road from Germany to Venice; milestones and towers are the evidence of Valsugana’s millenary history.

Abenteuer & Allrad camping

The Abenteuer & Allrad off road event was held from 31 May - 3 June at Bad Kissingen in Germany.  Whereas the event itself was really exciting, a major part of the excitement takes part away from the exhibition area and that is the campsite.  There are three campsites in general, I only got t

Here is a sentence you never thought you’d read – motor homing is now considered ‘chic.’ The new fashion for four-wheeled getaways has been fuelled by young families wanting an adventure and being deterred by the high cost of conventional holidays.

This week sees me at the charming medieval village of Walldürn in the Odenwald region of Germany.  This is an upland area about one third of the way between a line from Frankfurt to Nuremburg.  It is a region of rolling hills and forests where the poor soils made it an area of emigration but whic

Campingpark Kirchzell

I am currently staying at Campingpark Kirchzell in the Odenwald region of Germany.  The Odenwald is an upland region roughly to the east of a line drawn from Frankfurt to Heidelberg.  It is a region rich in forests making it ideal for outdoor excursions and although upland, it is not too high as

Trentino is a region dominated by mountains, lakes and rivers, and it’s tailor-made for adventure sports. Everyone from rock climbers to windsurfers will love it.