Zgorzelec in Polish, Goerlitz in German is a town split between the two countries divided by the river Nysa (Neisse) although there are no signs to indicate that one crosses an international border when doing so in the town.  This is one of my regular stops, I always take a break at Galeria Słowi

I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard. I’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a motorhome, ever since I was a young lad.

This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in northern Bavaria, the location of the Morelo factory, one of the leading producers of luxury motorhomes in Europe.  Schlüsselfeld has a population of around six thousand and a history of at least 700 years.  It is guarded by an ancient tower - which vehicles

Monica and Igor from Italy decided to sell their home and buy a Unicat expedition vehicle which they now live in.  Here they give us a tour of their van.  Monica is an interior designer which is something that comes through in the design of the van!

As manufacturers attempt to get more younger families into vanlife, in this film I discuss the financial reasons why I believe it is better to rent an RV before buying one using the Knaus Boxlife as an example.


A UK website has written about the idea of starting a motorhome rental company which I believe is likely to be of interest to many readers to this site.  However I would need to point out that one needs to be very good at repairs and that the initial start up capital will not be easy to find!