Diehard Auburn football fans Rick and Susan Turner hold season tickets on the 35-yard line at the university’s Jordan-Hare Stadium. But when the Tigers are on the field, the Turners are in the parking lot.

There may be no better vehicle to road trip across the United States in with your friends or family than a vintage motorhome. The classic styling and the all-shades of brown paint job is enough to make one wonder where they will adventure to next.

The symbol of a retirement filled with travel and relaxation arrived last year for Bruce and Lisa Anderson of Calgary in the form of a 12-metre long package.

Zgorzelec in Polish, Goerlitz in German is a town split between the two countries divided by the river Nysa (Neisse) although there are no signs to indicate that one crosses an international border when doing so in the town.  This is one of my regular stops, I always take a break at Galeria Słowi

I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard. I’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a motorhome, ever since I was a young lad.

This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in northern Bavaria, the location of the Morelo factory, one of the leading producers of luxury motorhomes in Europe.  Schlüsselfeld has a population of around six thousand and a history of at least 700 years.  It is guarded by an ancient tower - which vehicles