Your motorhome breaks down, it is your problem!

We must have all thought about this problem.  What can we do if our motorhome breaks down in an embarrassing position?  Unlike a car, we cannot just push it out of the way.  It happened to me once.  I was at the top of a hill in southern Italy, I realised I had gone the wrong way and tried to do a three point turn.  Or rather a nine point turn.  Unfortunately the Ford engine gave up.  I was lucky that I got it started again quite quickly but got honked at by a lot of people!

The same problem faced Nathan Hale of Texas who is currently visiting California.  He was coming out of K-Mart when he heard a large thud and then the vehicle stopped moving.  The police had to reroute traffic through the K-Mart car park.  However when the police wanted to move the vehicle out of the way, according to local news source in Santa Clarita, KHTS, the driver would not let them.  He said it was not his problem the motorhome had broken down where it had.

Eventually mechanics found out that part of the suspension bolts snapped which caused the axle support to fail.  

I hope that all of us here would not agree with Mr Hale.  If your motorhome breaks down and blocks the traffic, it is your problem, not someone else's!

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