Welcome from Natterer See near Innsbruck

Natterer See campsite near Innsbruck, Austria

I am currently staying at the Natterersee campsite near Innsbruck located in the Alps as you can see from the photographs.  The campsite has very good facilities with a very large administration block with toilets and washing facilities, large modern showers and a lake for swimming although it is too cold for that now.  It is surrounded by forests, great for hiking and another plus for me is that local foodstuffs such as a variety of fresh farmed fish, milk and eggs are all available nearby from local producers.

There is a free bus service into Innsbruck which has a number of sights worth seeing.  I won't go into all of them right now as I have filmed them and will go into more detail later.  However I will mention my visits to the Swarovski Crystal Works, the Alpine Zoo, the Nordkette cable cars, Innsbruck Old Town and the Tyrol Panorama.  More will be coming on all of those places at a later date!


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