Visiting the location of the battles of WW1 on the Italian front

Redipuglia military cemetery

This week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Redipuglia in north eastern Italy, the location of the largest memorial to World War One.  The Italian front - best known for the twelve battles along the Isonzo river was here and very close to where I am now parked, there are restored trench systems from the Great War as well as many trails to see support sites.  This is very close to the Italian - Slovenian border and the trails go across the border which thankfully is now passport and control free.  

At Redipulgia there are two military museums to the war as well as the large memorial cemetery which was cut into the side of a hill and then became the resting place for the bodies of around 100,000 Italian soldiers who were killed in the war.  Nearby there is also a Austro-Hungarian cemetery.

Italy declared war on Austro-Hungary in May 1915 and intially advanced across around 30km of plain but met resistance in the foothills of the Julian Alps along the Isonzo River.  The front was stuck here until October 1917 when the Italian forces had to retreat to avoid being encircled because of a Central Powers breakthrough to the north at Caporetto (today Kobarid in Slovenia).

For those not interested in the Great War, there are many other sites to see such as the location of where the underwater river, the Timavo 'suddenly' appears, the castle at Duino, the beaches on the Adriatic and the wonderful medieval town of Gradisca which is rightfully part of the organisation of the 'most attractive towns in Italy'.


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