Travellers choose to visit the most peaceful places

We all know that global issues directly affect travel decisions. To further solidify this belief, the latest report from Travel Leaders Group show that affluent travellers have turned to the world’s most peaceful nations for their holiday destinations.

Travel Leaders Group, North America’s largest leisure and corporate travel agency, conducted a survey to discover which countries held the most appeal.

The results showed a symmetry between the 2016 Global Peace Index Report (released June 2016) and Travel Leaders Group’s Report. The top 3 emerging destinations are also within the top 10 most peaceful countries ranked in the 2016 Global Peace Index Report. (source GPI 2016 Report)

New Zealand showed to be the country with the highest level of interest among affluent travellers ( 32.3 % Highly Interested /  57.4% Interested ), followed by Iceland ( 27.7 % Highly Interested  / 55.6 % Interested) and Portugal (61.9% Interested / 14.1 % Highly Interested).

Within the Global Peace Index Report, these three countries ranked seventh (New Zealand) , fifth (Iceland), and eighth (Portugal) as the most peaceful nations. The list is based among 163 independent territories and states.

This comes as traditional luxury destinations (Paris in particular), have unfortunately faced a sharp decline in tourism as fears of global terrorism grow. Trips to Paris are usually in conjunction with high-end shopping sprees in the city’s many boutique stores. Due to this, Paris’ economy has also seen a ripple effect from the tourism decline.

Thankfully, terrorism has not deterred people from travelling. People just now understandably set their sights on destinations where they can enjoy the culture, scenery and experience in safer conditions.

The top three countries of interest for the affluent travellers (New Zealand, Iceland and Portugal), apart from being the latest tourism targets and on the top 10 most peaceful countries list, also share one thing in common: a very small presence of top level hospitality brands in the market.

Interestingly, the seven remaining countries that are ranked in the top ten most peaceful in the world have seen a spike in tourist infrastructure. ( Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Slovenia and Switzerland )



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