Staying in Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria


This week finds me in Schlüsselfeld in Bavaria, Germany - a town of only 7,000 people but home to three major luxury motorhome manufacturers : Concorde, Morelo and Phoenix.   As might be expected, one is spolied for choice as to where to stay in the motorhome with two aires in the town of Schlüsselfeld itself and both Morelo and Concorde offering a place to spend the night too. One of those aires is right next to the late medieval tower gate.

The town was founded on 10 June 1336 by Konrad von Schlüsselberg. He was granted the right to found a town by Holy Roman Emperor Ludwig IV. After its founder’s death, Schlüsselfeld passed to the Bishops of Bamberg and Würzburg. Through a compromise, Würzburg also acquired Bamberg’s share of the town in 1390.

In 1396, the market town of Schlüsselfeld had its town rights confirmed.

The town hall built in 1723 declares the following in a Latin inscription: “This house hates unrest, loves peace, punishes crime, upholds the law, honours goodness. ”

As part of the Würzburg High Monastery, the tithing centre (Centamt) of Schlüsselfeld was secularized in Bavaria’s favour in 1803, passed in 1805 with the Peace of Pressburg to the newly formed Grand Duchy of Würzburg, and then eventually, after territorial adjustments in 1810, was returned to Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, today’s community came into being under the Gemeindeedikt (“Community Edict”) of 1818.


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