Rebuilding the van

This week sees the beginning of a new motorhome adventure - but not one which involves travel.  This week, the reconstruction of my motorhome begins!  And on a very experimental basis.

The objective of the rebuild is to instal a new energy system, one which will keep me warmer in winter. This year was rather cold, I have memories of being in Austria in freezing weather in April!  What we are going to do is to rip everything out of the van and replace it with underfloor heating panels which will also be placed under the water tank and along part of the walls.  The panels are being supplied by Heat Decor of Kraków, Poland.  How this is to be powered will be revealed later!

The shock on day one was to find water ingress damage coming from a faulty connection between the water inlet and the holding tank.  This was not noticeable as the water was in the place where the batteries are kept - a location not often looked at.  Further water damage was discovered behind the ventilation grilles for the fridge and a little bit at the entrance - possibly from leaving the door open during rain storms.  This meant drying the floor and for added protection, a new floor was laid down.

Damage was also discovered in the garage due to water ingress and so the whole garage floor is to be replaced. 

Others could take warning as water damage can appear in places where it is not expected!

More will be written as work progresses!


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