In northern Bavaria!

This week Motorhome Full Time is being written on the road from Burgwindheim, a charming village of around 1,400 people in nothern Bavaria.  Burgwindheim continues to show that it was once a wealthy medieval community west south west of Bamberg in the Steigerwald (forest). On arrival from the south, one is greeted by the magnificent panorama of a fine stately home and a car park with electricity for those wanting to stay longer and admire the view.

The coat of arms has a large leaping greyhound suggesting - together with its name - that the village is of Wendish origin.  The first records date to 1140. In 1363, Burgwindheim was granted market rights by Emperor Karl IV, making it the Steigerwald’s oldest market.  However it is best noted for an event at the Corpus Christi procession of 1465 when a miracle occured when the priest was unable to lift up the host that he had dropped.

To quote an ancient text : 

The Monstrance happened on an altar “without outside help and without the wind’s influence”. The Host bread fell to the ground. The priest could not free it from the ground, even with all his strength. A wooden shed was built to keep watch on the bread. The convent at Ebrach prepared itself in an eight-day prayer to lift the bread up again. It was managed, and the Abbot of Ebrach brought the Host back into the parish church again.

In view of this 'miracle' a church of the Holy Blood was quickly raised which encourage pilgrims to visit.  Even more came after a miraculous spring started spouting water in 1625 bringing no doubt a good deal of income to the town.

In modern times either Terry Jones or Michael Palin wrote a poem in which Burgwindheim and the nearby town of Gundelsheim are mentioned entitled simply A Poem.


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