North Brabant : European Region of Gastronomy 2018

This year, the region of Noord-Brabant in Holland shares the title of European Region of Gastronomy with Galway in Ireland. This southern Dutch province has long been associated with innovation in food and has a long history of gastronomy. Noord-Brabant plans to celebrate its title with an inspiring series of innovative events for the agri-food sector, combined with a tantalising series of events for the public – catering for residents and visitors to the area. Events will include: pop up restaurants, a salty seafood festival, events with Michelin star chefs. These feasts for the senses will also provide a peek into the future of food. 


The province of Noord-Brabant, Agri-food Capital and the regions and municipalities of Brabant are planning to invest more than 2.5 million euros in this year-long programme - Brabant will be the first province in Holland to contribute to the food agenda of the future. With a long history as a food-producing region, the province is aware of the importance of a food system in the future that is better for people, animals, and the environment. The innovation team is bringing together initiatives and experts that can contribute to this under the title WeAreFood.  The innovative WeAreFood programme has been designed from the bottom up. A request for ideas was launched in 2017 and through these a hundred new initiatives were proposed.  Most of these have been collated together to form 10 metaphorical 'kitchens', each with its own food theme. In these 'kitchens', various initiators from Brabant will work towards a common goal under the leadership of a 'chef'.  The goals range from combatting food waste, to improving self-reliance amongst the elderly, to stimulating a healthy community. From March 2018 one of these 'kitchens' of Brabant will come to the fore each month, and the team will respond to a joint challenge. The programme will start with 'Together against food waste' and will finish in December 2018 with 'Hospitality of Brabant'.


Brabant celebrates food

Brabant has a rich gastronomic history, and Brabant is also widely-known as a welcoming place. But what do the traditional dishes in this region where Van Gogh was born really taste like? And what happens when Dutch design is responsible for developing the dishes of the future? Which of the 19 Michelin star chefs of the region will tantalise the most taste buds? And what is it about Brabant that makes it so welcoming? With theBrabant celebrates food theme, the region invites both residents and visitors for a discovery tour, looking at gastronomic heritage, adventures in food, and the typical atmosphere of Brabant. The four regions of Brabant have developed a varied programme of events for this year, and the leisure sector too has plans to focus on unforgettable food experiences in 2018. The programme started in February with GAST, the Noord-Brabant culinary pop-up restaurant where chefs representing the majority of Brabant's 19 Michelin stars went into battle with new themes in food and icons from Brabant. The Jan Cunen Museum in Oss will start the series of programmes in various museums with an exhibition entitled 'We Are Food - how art and food come together'. On 2nd June, VisitBrabant partners will present top packages in Brabant where experiencing food is a central theme. The Land van Cuijk, Maashorst and the Hart van Brabant will demonstrate how food fits in to tradition, both old and new. In Eindhoven, the link between food and technology, design and knowledge will be demonstrated, while visitors to West Brabant will get to know all about fishing in Brabant, as well as being tempted by sweet treats.


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