Motorhome odyssey brings Arab art to US backwaters

From the outside, it resembles the all-American road vehicles that cruise freeways from coast to coast. But inside, rich red fabrics and Arabian rugs tell a different story about life inside this nine-metre motorhome.
The six-wheeler – known by its occupants as “Gulf Stream” – has become an on-the-road home for Middle Eastern artists travelling between US art shows, universities and into the boondocks in a three-year mission to bridge East-West divisions.
So far, more than 25 artists have travelled from the Middle East to climb aboard, collaborate on artworks and meet with dealers, students and everyday Americans from the skyscrapers of New York to the backwaters of Alabama.
The unlikely odyssey is arranged by Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel. It will see more than 100 creatives take cross-continental trips by the time it wraps up in 2017.
“We wanted to connect two great centres of ideology and powerhouses of history-making: the Islamic World, centred on Saudi Arabia, and the consumer capitalism of America,” Edge of Arabia’s co-founder Stephen Stapleton told Middle East Eye (MEE).


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