Living in the Dethleffs Trend 7017 motorhome

In this video I take you around the Dethleffs Trend 7017 motorhome, filmed at the Gitzenweiler Hof campsite near Lindau in southern Germany.

It is a vehicle with a rear washroom, two single beds on either side of the gangway and a double bed above the drivers' cabin.  It is 741 cm long, 233cm wide and has a height of 290cm offering 213 cm of inner headroom.  

Storage is available under the beds with access from both inside and out.  There is also a rear storage area although it is smaller than those under the beds. The rear has a double floor meaning that long items such as skis or the ladder for the bed can be placed there.  Indeed the ladder for the double bed is not really neccesary as access to the bed can be gained by standing on the side facing bench next to the door.

The washroom is a strong feature of the vehicle with a shower that is the same size as a domestic unit.  Next to the shower we find the wash basin, toilet and wardrobe.  There is plenty of storage for soaps and cosmetics here.


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