Instant soup in your van?

Instant soup is a big hit for campers!  A small sachet and boiling water and you have got yourself what may appear to be a drink which is going to do you more good than a cup of tea or coffee.

However you need to think again before doing this.  Instant soup has limited health benefits and it is very high in sodium.  One sachet will contain around 500mg of sodium.  The recommended dose for young  people is no more than 2,300 mg but middle-aged and older adults should take no more than 1,500 mg per day - and this is even less if you are Black or have problems with hypertension. 

You are travelling around in your van, you have time to eat properly and you have access to all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst you are on the road.  Instead of opening a packet, why not pick up some fresh vegetables and season with black pepper, garlic, hot peppers or something similar? 


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