Greetings from Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg panorama from castle

Salzburg is not real - it is a model town from a nineteenth century fairy tale, a place that exists in a different world to that in which we live, an image of a film from the thirties of forties.  In the background there are the mountains, in the foreground it is the work of the decadent Prince Bishops who created it with its castle hovering above as if to grab the city and take it into its possession, the cathedral quarter which looks like Rome should be with order and cleanliness, the fascination for Mozart, the street plan with its high buildings, packed with people on foot for one finds no vehicles here.  

To visit, I am staying at Camping Nord Sam which is conveniently located only 3km from the centre and accessibile via regular bus service.  As always, I leave the van on the campsite!

This is not reality but it is where I am now and I shall be writing a lot more about it!


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