Greetings from Klimontow, Poland


This week Motorhome Full Time is being published from Klimontów, a village in the Świętokrzyskie region of south-east Poland approximately 22 kilometres west of Sandomierz.  Today the village has a population of 2,000 which is three times fewer than it was at the beginning of World War Two.  . Although small, it has a number of places worth seeing including the seventeenth century church which can be seen for kilometres around, the seventeenth century abbey and neo-classicistic synagogue which was completed in 1854.

Klimontów was the birthplace of the poet Bruno Jasieńsk and a festival named after Jasieński was held in the summer although this pracitice has now stopped.  Jasienski left Klimontów when a child.  He went on to be the bete noire of the Polish futurist movement, living in Paris before leaving for the USSR where he lived in Leningrad and then Moscow.  Although he knew several people within the Soviet ruling class, he was still judicially murdered in 1938 for being Polish.

Klimontów suffered from WW1 when it was captured by the Austrians before being recaptured by the Russians and once more taken by the Austrians in 1914 and 1915.  

There are plenty of places to park one's vehicle, as can be seen in the photographs, I put mine directly in front of the seventeenth century church!


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